Seabird Key


Guiding Light Visits Seabird Key

The Guiding Light Daytime series chose Seabird Key as the remote location to film the "Reva - Lost at Sea" episodes. This link chronicles the behind the scenes filming of the episodes and cast comments. (Courtesy of CBS & web references).

Walmart Home and Garden Commercial

Wal-Mart featured Seabird Key in one of their Home and Garden Commercials. The commercial is a remote with interviews from the owners of Seabird Key highlighting the elaborative design and work that goes into maintaining the tropical atmosphere that has made Seabird famous. (Courtesy of Wal-Mart).

HGTV Extreme Vacation

HGTV's famous "Extreme Vacation Show" visits Seabird Key. In this television show, Seabird Key was highlighted as being one of HGTV's extreme vacation recommendations. Producers of the show did a great job of highlighting the beautiful location atmosphere on Seabird Key, as well as the attention to detail provided for guests. The segment also covered some history about the Island,…

Hooters - On location at Seabird Key

Florida's Famous Hooters national restaurant chain chose Seabird Key as the location for one of its TV commercials. We were certainly pleased to welcome the Hooters girls to Seabird Key to create their fantasy commercial.(Courtesy of Hooters).

Travel and Leisure 30 Secret Island Esca

Seabird Key is noted as one of the TOP 30 Secret Island Escapes!