Seabird Key

Seabird Key Journal

"Thanks for letting my girls use the house. Peace & Love. "

"Help, we're stranded in paradise!"

"This week was beautiful and everything was meant to be. We were married on Seabird October 16, 2005 and have come back for our anniversary since."

"Seabird Key was a perfect honeymoon choice for us! We had such a great time, but the highlight was swimming with the manatees. They came up to the dock and drank water from the hose. Afterwards we jumped in with them and swam. It was so cool. We loved cruising around in the whaler and taking photos on the beach. We had a fun day trip down to Key West where we happened upon all the usual characters. It was wonderful honeymoon and we've got fabulous photos to share with our friends and family."

"Thank you again for sharing your dream with our family. I say it every year but I must say it again, our annual sojourn to Seabird has changed our life in so, so many ways and has been an amazing gift to us. The mad dash for the widow's walk about 7:15 each night, after a refreshing shower, was truly the highlight. My boys now feel as though they have "grown up there" and eagerly anticipate their return each year. I just hope that one day I am the 83 year old grandmother kayaking around Seabird with my grandchildren. "

"How fortunate we feel to have spent a week on this wonderful island! The weather was perfect; we boated, kayaked, swam, sunned and fished everyday. Hopefully we'll be back next year. Cathy, Frank, Pete, Matt and Thomas."

"For one week, we felt like we were part of a postcard. Seabird is the most beautiful place we've ever been. "

"We think it is great, my sister caught a shark that was a foot and a half long! We saw a manatee by the place where you get a ride to the island."

"Someone says that one week is not enough, and the reason is plain. You have to make a "Seabird choice"; stay on the hammock and do what you came for or get it in gear and go! Thanks for sharing your paradise with us, a memory for life."

"Fishing was fun, weather was great and just spending time with family made the vacation complete."

"Our husbands were shocked that we never left the island to go shopping, or anything else."

"Thank you Seabird, we've had a wonderful time here...don't know how we'll survive in the real world."

"This is our ninth year at Seabird and we so appreciate being able to experience this beautiful place with our whole family. Life is good!"

"Been alot of places done alot of things, this should be on everyone's bucket list. There's nothing better than spending time with family in a place that you feel welcome and relaxed. What a phenominal experience!"

"I've been coming to Seabird since I was a teenager (thanks dad), and now I bring my own family - we love it! Elizabeth, Derrick, Sloan and Kennedy"

"The Island is absolutely beautiful. It is such a special place that we regretted the fact that we had planned so many off island adventures including swimming with dolphins, a 48’ yacht for a day of deep sea fishing, scuba diving and a trip to Key West. These off island adventures where all great but after experiencing your island I regret that our schedule was so full. The Family told me that this was the best vacation they had ever had and that they want to come back every year. I am dedicated to exposing the children to diverse areas and activities so every year may not happen but count on us every other year. Hopefully in 2009 I will be able to work out a 2 week vacation so that we have more time to enjoy your paradise. PS. The key lime pie was fantastic! The kids ask for key lime pie every day but I tell them it won’t be as good as the one on Seabird Key. Sincere thanks to the entire Seabird Key crew for providing memories of a lifetime. "

"We, as most, can’t thank you enough for providing us with the absolute best vacation ever. "

"We're back!!! The girls LOVE the Island! Where else could I spend an entire day reading my book under the coconut palms while they play happily just a few feet away. They enjoy the beach games, kayaking, looking for hermit crabs, swinging in the hammocks, and climbing the gumbo limbo trees. But the best news is that they can literally spend an afternoon looking at all the little creatures in the water. They thought the outdoor kitchen was a restaurant. Seabird has something for everybody! It was a great vacation."